What Differentiates Us

A World-Leading Shipping CompanyWhat Differentiates Us
What Differentiates Us

Expertise in Ice Navigation, Great Lakes Trade & Logger Vessels

Voyages on ice-covered waters can often become a challenge. Hence, over the past decades NAVARONE S.A. reinforced its crew’s training as well as its vessels’ – most of which are ice-class built – infrastructure. Thanks to the investment in our facilities development and due to our crew’s high retention rates, we effectively cope with port requirements, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective port turnaround.

In addition to our crew’s vast and gradually progressing expertise in ice navigation, our team has also gained a significant experience in further specialized services, such as trading in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Rivers. Specifically, availing ourselves of our manifold skillset as well as the familiarity of our crew with the global trade, we get to perpetually evolve next to our firm and mutually favorable business partnerships.

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