NAVARONE S.A.ceaselessly contributes to the Union of Greek Shipowners’collective effort, to be of service and offer support to our society and its ongoing challenges.

Duringthe outbreak of the pandemic in spring of 2020, as a member of the Greek Shipping Community NAVARONE S.A. contributed tofunding the battle against the unprecedented health crisis,by supporting the National Health Care System and particularly by supplying Covid respirators.

In 2021 we donated to those who suffered from the disastrous wildfires which burned a total area of ​​more than 1,300,000 str (around 130,000 hectares) and are considered the worst since 2008. (

In 2022via the Union of Greek Shipowners, we granted a Scholarship to a Greek University / TEI graduate for post graduate studies of a pre-doctorate level,at Universities in Greece and abroad.

In 2023 Navarone S.A. supported the initiative of the Greek ShipownersUnionto donate 50.000.000€to the flood victims in Thessaly, Central Greece.