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Aiming for an Accident-Free Workplace

Safety is the top priority in all our operations. We believe that the “safe way” is the only way to perform our job.


Nothing is more important to the company than the safety and health of its employees and contractors.

Everyone who works for us. has the right to return home healthy. The company's goal is to minimize injuries, occupational illnesses and operational incidents as close to zero as possible.

NAVARONE S.A. strives for a work environment with "zero incidents" where “nobody gets hurt”.


Accidents - Injuries

The company’s operations involve potential risks but these can be substantially reduced if properly managed. That is why the company spends time, effort and money on recognizing and eliminating hazards before they lead to an accident.

Operations which expose the vessel to higher risk are identified and managed, risk assessments are carried out and the findings, which are regularly reviewed, are incorporated into the SMS.

NAVARONE S.A. holds the strong belief that all injuries are preventable thus the company focuses on encouraging behavior that both recognizes and prevents hazards.


Safety Policy

We are committed to take all reasonable precautions and measures in order to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life and avoidance of property damage.
The Company’s goal is to achieve ZERO accidents through continuous improvement.

To fulfil these objectives, the management is committed to the following approach: 

  • Compliance with mandatory rules and regulations and taking into consideration the Codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, Flag Administrations, Class Societies and Industry organizations, applicable to operations of managed vessels.
  • Adherence to a Safety Management System (SMS) by all Company’s employees, including managed vessels, which promotes the concept of safety and environmental excellence, continuous improvement and enhancement of personnel skills.
  • Assigning employees possessing sound skills and capabilities in required areas of responsibility, including adequate verification resources.
  • Defining the organization, responsibility, authority and interfacing of the various management functions within the frame of the SMS.
  • Providing for safe and environmentally sound practices in the operation of managed vessels.
  • Providing and maintaining a safe working environment on board to assist in preventing human injury and loss of life.
  • Providing the necessary training to ensure that Company’s employees are capable of achieving safety and pollution prevention objectives in the work they perform.
  • Providing facilities, systems/equipment and a maintenance system that is suited for the purpose of achieving objectives.
  • Conducting management review meetings and management system audits. - Bottom info - Home Section

Awarded Excellence


    All vessels participate on a daily basis to AMVER system and are all awarded.

  • DNV-GL
  • Loyd's
  • ISO_9001
  • ISO_14001