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Quality Policy

NAVARONE S.A. endeavors to keep earn the confidence of the financiers, charterers, seafarers and the marine industry and retain its credibility as a high quality, trustworthy international ship owner and manager.

This can only be achieved by providing flawless services that satisfy all parties, and comply with relevant requirements.

The Company always provides professional ship management services to third owners and charterers, protect their interests and assets under its care, and fulfil all their expectations.
The Company is committed to always comply with all applicable legal and other requirements that relate to the pertinent hazards and to continually improve the effectiveness of its SMS.
Moreover NAVARONE S.A. adopts a proactive approach concerning the needs of both its clients, suppliers and is responsive to their requests, suggestions or complaints, always trying to improve the value of its services.
In addition, the company encourages employee teamwork, personal improvement, cooperation, innovative thinking, initiative, leadership, decisiveness and focuses on client’s needs and satisfaction.
The Company sets measurable and meaningful HSQE objectives and targets and reviews them when appropriate.


The SMS defines the methods used to achieve Company’s Policies as well as all the associated objectives and targets. Its implementation ensures that all applicable requirements related to managing ships will be satisfied, thus providing the necessary confidence between the Company and its customers.

The Company’s management:

  • Considers SMS as the basic tool for providing consistent and effective ship management service and improvement
  • Provides sufficient resources and reviews it regularly to ensure its continuous suitability and effectiveness
  • Commits itself in active implementation of the SMS and requires all involved personnel to do the same.
  • Every suggestion for improvement will be given full attention and will be brought to the highest level of the management.
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Awarded Excellence


    All vessels participate on a daily basis to AMVER system and are all awarded.

  • DNV-GL
  • Loyd's
  • ISO_9001
  • ISO_14001