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“Who we are defines what we do”

In NAVARONE S.A. the people always come first. Through specialized career development programs provided equally to all of its employees NAVARONE S.A. ensures that working for the Company is not just a job but a continuous improvement process through training, learning and sharing of innovative ideas.

The key point of the company’s stability and ongoing success is the strong and meaningful relation with all its employees. Innovative thinking, continuous study and business know how builds the strongest level of trust. At NAVARONE S.A., every employee is empowered to achieve and surpass their potential, while remaining focused on creating lasting business relationships and long-term co operations.

Through thorough research the company has placed the best people to perform its most difficult and demanding operations, people who are driven by a strong team spirit, and an even stronger sense of pride.


People and responsibilities

Highly valued managers make sure in a daily bases that all operations are performed with the quality and professionalism that NAVARONE S.A. is characterized by.

Operations Manager - Port Captain
  • Monitors and ensures that all employees in the Operations Department perform their duties in a top professional level, keep the vessel’s best performance in accordance with C/P terms and conditions involved, acting in the scope of the company’s Environmental friendly culture
  • Monitors cargo peculiarities and reassures that cargo operations are carried out in a safe manner without endangering the ship, the cargo or any third parties
  • Provides port information, warnings to vessels, as per BIMCO, Sailing Directions
  • Monitors and reassures that cargo distribution is performed in a proper manner
  • Issues vessels position reports after daily thorough controls
  • Provides ETA notifications and “Notice of Readiness”
  • Appoints Owners Protecting Agents
  • Controls Master’s reports on ENOA/D when calling USA ports
  • Controls BWMP Forms and effects corrections when necessary
  • Controls Disbursements Accounts for Owners’ matters
  • Controls Cargo claims by appointing P&I Surveyor until the termination of the case
  • Ensures cooperation with the Quality & Safety Department
  • Establishes mechanisms in order to ensure that “Ship sanitation exemption control certificate” is updated
  • Ensures that Protecting Agents are appointed where required
  • Maintains smooth cooperation with all company’s departments
  • Ensures that the crew selected onboard is sufficiently qualified and evaluated at all times
  • Ensures that the vessels are sufficiently covered regarding their hull, machinery and P&I
  • Ensures IWL and War Risks areas instructions are given to the vessels
  • Ensures vessels’ communication control
Operations Fleet Manager
  • Informs the Operations Manager about the vessels’ good performance in accordance with the Charter Party terms and compliance with the National and International Regulations in cooperation with the DPA
  • Informs the Operations Manager on the cargo operations and cargo distribution safe performance in line with the Company’s and Operation’s Department procedures
  • Proposes to the Operations Manager of any new procedures amendment
  • Reports to the Operations Manager nay defects, accidents, surveys results, cargo hold, Ballast Waters, Third party inspection results
  • Coordinates, monitors and assists Operations officers duties
  • Participates in the Emergency Response Team in case of an emergency as instructed by the Operation Manager
  • Ensures that Port agents or Owners’ protective agents will assist the Master at ports
  • Reports to the DPA any incidents, accidents, deficiencies and evaluates if the Emergency Response Team is necessary to be summoned by the Operations - Bottom info - Home Section

Awarded Excellence


    All vessels participate on a daily basis to AMVER system and are all awarded.

  • DNV-GL
  • Loyd's
  • ISO_9001
  • ISO_14001