HR Department

HR Department

HR Management

In NAVARONE S.A. throughout more than 50 years in the Global Shipping Industry, we continue to excel due to our innovation management, our higher values, goals and standards, always aiming to support and develop our personnel, because our people are our greatest resource, the driving force that moves us forward.

Consistently promoting fair opportunities, gender equality (30% of our work force are women) and organizational practices with diversity, we invest in effective team building, constant improvement and growth, engagement and belonging, recognition and reward, fostering a productive and employee focused workplace.

HR Department
Our team is committed to maintaining safety and pollution-free operating practices. The installation of innovative performance monitoring systems enables us to assess our vessels' performance while reducing our carbon emissions footprint
Ops Tech Manager

What we Do

Our dedicated HR department is committed in supporting us navigate the post pandemic era, as we prepare for the future, being well equipped by implementing new organizational practices and adding value and purpose, by establishing and maintaining a successful corporate culture.

HR Department
HR Department

What we Offer

Our HR disciplines include among others strategic planning, staffing, training, performance management, function evaluation, maintaining a safe environment, payroll supervision, handling of compensation and benefits, ensuring legal compliance with labor and employment laws, employee counselling, executive coaching, and leadership development.

HR Department

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a compelling future, by building an innovative work culture, that will provide our people the opportunity to maximize their personal and professional potential, thus enabling our organization not only to successfully achieve its goals but rise well above them.

Join our team

If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV, following the process as mentioned under section People and Culture Carrier Onshore, or mail us directly at

HR Department
The health and safety of our employees remain our top priority. Thanks to their loyalty, as well as their extensive expertise, we are able to seize new horizons to skyrocket an already successful track record.
Stefanos Fragkakis
Crew Manager, NAVARONE S.A.


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