Our Dedicated Teams

At Navarone, we face challenges with a sharp, focused and determined attitude. As a team, we are unstoppable and work with responsibility and transparency in all our operations. We hold deep respect for each other and our customers. Our company comprises highly competent experts in various departments who work together to navigate any situation.


Our Dedicated Teams

At Navarone, we face challenges with a sharp, focused and determined attitude. As a team, we are unstoppable and work with responsibility and transparency in all our operations. We hold deep respect for each other and our customers. Our company comprises highly competent experts in various departments who work together to navigate any situation.

The technical team of our company is highly efficient and experienced in ship management. Our team of skilled naval architects and engineers ensures the delivery of high-quality in-house services to all our clients. Under the guidance of the managerial technical and maintenance team, as well as the operations management team, Navarone S.A. provides cost-effective ship management solutions for bulk carriers. We are always up-to-date with the latest techniques and standards.

The Operations Department at Navarone S.A. plays a crucial role in coordinating various parties involved with the ships, such as vessel owners, company departments, charterers, and third parties. The department specializes in ice navigation during the winter season and is responsible for providing post-fixture support to the vessels, issuing voyage instructions, ensuring that the ships comply with charter party agreements, and maintaining the safe and efficient carriage and delivery of cargoes.

Additionally, the department arranges freight/hire/demurrage collection from charterers and supplies the vessels with bunkers. The Operations Department supervises various actions such as cargo handling, port activities, pilotage, towage, wharfage, dockage, canal transits, conveying of cargoes, cargo handling arrangements, loading and discharging of vessels, and is in liaison with the Insurance Department for arranging all necessary precaution surveys to safeguard vessels operations.

At Navarone S.A., we consider the crew aboard our vessels to be our most valuable asset. We invest in their safety and well-being to ensure that all vessel operations comply with national and international regulations, as well as the company’s official procedures, policies, and requirements.

Our employment relationships are based on human and working rights, and we treat everyone equally, regardless of their job grade, to ensure that they all have the most comfortable working conditions and can provide high-quality service. We provide our crew with advanced career development programs and equal opportunities for training because we firmly believe that a perpetual connection to business knowledge and innovative thinking empowers them to achieve and surpass their potential.

We respect our colleagues at sea and their families ashore, and we always make monthly banking payments on time. We also focus on ensuring their prompt treatment of contract periods. Our working relationships are based on human and working rights, and we treat everyone respectfully, regardless of their job grade, to ensure that they all have the most pleasant working conditions and can provide high-quality service.

The cornerstone of our commitment to excellence and sustainability, manned with highly skilled personnel, offering their field experience and expertise to ensure the highest standards in Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental practices across our entire fleet. Our focus lies in fostering a culture of safety consciousness, continuous improvement, and environmental responsibility while achieving timely efficient, and cost-effective management practices.

The main focus of Navarone’s HSQE Vetting department is to:

• Enforce a proactive approach towards safety, health, and environmental protection while applying the highest standards through the Company’s operations.
• Consistently follow and apply in the Company’s processes all national and international rules and regulations governing the Marine Industry.
• Implements robust measures to safeguard the well-being of our onboard personnel while continuously monitoring all safety, pollution prevention, and occupational health aspects of our vessels.
• Operate the managed fleet through our sophisticated management system, having safe operations at the core of its objectives.
• Provide all necessary support from shore with frequent attendance on vessels to verify and ensure that Navarone Management System is effectively implemented onboard.
• Ensure that fleet vessels remain in compliance with RightShip requirements during frequent vetting inspections.
• Remain committed to our continuous effort to comply with RightShip requirements on board and ashore by evaluating and improving Company’s Safety Management System, as well as the policies and procedures described within.

Together, our people in the HSQE Department play a pivotal role in not just meeting regulatory requirements but exceeding them, ensuring a safe, efficient, and sustainable future for our fleet and the seas they navigate.

We strongly believe that the supply chain plays a crucial role in world trade and the global economy. Therefore, Navarone S.A. is proactive in its Supply & Purchasing department to minimize operational costs and ensure the best possible profit based on a cost-effective strategy. We achieve this by:

• Providing end-to-end follow-up of vessel requisitions
• Conducting supplier vetting
• Implementing an integrated 360 cycle in ERP system from requisition to delivery and invoice
• Ensuring ROB follow-up
• Implementing integrated workflows with multiple levels of approvals per cost, cost center, position, case, and criticality
• Handling ERP integrated evaluations, supplier, and contract handling.

Vessel operations always involve risks, which is why Navarone S.A. has established a corporate policy that focuses on minimizing and managing them in an efficient way. Our specialized personnel immediately handles any damage or cargo losses, mechanical issues, labor strikes, or environmental mishaps. They strive to obtain the most advantageous terms for both our partners and our company. The department is responsible for several tasks, including:

• Dealing with all company insurance matters
• Negotiating renewals and liaising with insurance brokers to obtain the best possible terms and rates for all insurance covers, including but not limited to P&I, FDD, LOH, H&M WAR risk covers
• Arranging for vessels’ appropriate and necessary extra insurance covers at all times
• Coordinating and liaising with banks for all insurance issues
• Handling, managing, and administrating P&I, FDD, LOH, H&M claims, and/or other third-party disputes
• Coordinating and liaising with P&I clubs, their claims handlers, and/or lawyers and adjusters involved
• Claiming and collecting contributions and liabilities from third parties
• Liaising with the operation department to arrange necessary precautionary cargo and other surveys
• Advising Commercial Management on all insurance matters/issues and budgeting
• Advising Commercial Management on pre-fixture Chartering matters and drafting appropriate C/P clauses as/when necessary.

Navarone S.A. adopts a human and business-centric approach to IT services that goes beyond the standard maritime infrastructure. Our focus is on strategically aligning business needs with the tools required to achieve all corporate goals. We have established a direct data communication channel between the shore office headquarters and the vessels. This enables us to monitor and support all working areas of the vessels remotely, transfer files, and ensure perimeter security.

Our policies and procedures are integrated into the systems, providing a seamless and auditable daily operation that is fully monitored. We use a top-notch ERP platform by Benefit Software to ensure 24/7 safe access to a continuous data flow with a backup policy. This ensures the proper functioning of all vessel operations. Our capacity and business continuity planning safeguards emerging requirements in fuel efficiency and emissions control.

Additionally, we use business intelligence and next-generation platforms to turn data into intelligence that supports decision-making. Our system safety is initially based on security by design, ensuring that all operations are secure and safe.

At Navarone, we pride ourselves on transparency, accuracy, and efficiency in managing financial matters. Our dedicated team ensures meticulous record-keeping and adherence to industry standards, safeguarding the financial integrity of our company. With a commitment to excellence, we provide timely and reliable financial information to support strategic decision-making and handle all financial needs with professionalism and precision. From negotiating loan agreements with financiers, to providing audited accounts to banks, we manage all aspects of financial transactions with expertise. Join us in navigating the fiscal landscape with confidence and integrity.

Navarone S.A. has been excelling in the global shipping industry for over 50 years. Our innovative management, higher values, goals, and standards have helped us become successful. We believe in supporting and developing our personnel, as they are our greatest resource and the driving force behind our success. We promote fair opportunities, gender equality (with 30% of our workforce being women), and diversity in our organizational practices.

We invest in effective team building, constant improvement, and growth, engagement and belonging, recognition, and reward, and foster a productive and employee-focused workplace. Our dedicated HR department is committed to supporting us as we navigate the post-pandemic era and prepare for the future. We are well-equipped to establish and maintain a successful corporate culture by implementing new organizational practices that add value and purpose. Our HR disciplines include strategic planning, staffing, training, performance management, function evaluation, maintaining a safe environment, payroll supervision, handling of compensation and benefits, ensuring legal compliance with labor and employment laws, employee counseling, executive coaching, and leadership development.

Our vision is to create a compelling future by building an innovative work culture that provides our people with the opportunity to maximize their personal and professional potential. This will enable our organization to successfully achieve its goals and rise well above them.

At Navarone S.A., we understand the importance of legal compliance in the maritime industry. Our legal department plays a critical role in safeguarding the integrity and accountability of our company by providing sound legal advice, proactive risk management techniques, and effective resolution of legal matters to protect the interests of our employees, clients, and stakeholders.

The company’s legal team handles all aspects that are related to shipping affairs with a special focus on corporate matters related to fleet operation, financing arrangements, banking transactions, tax issues, shipping finance, sale and purchase transactions, as well as vessels’ registration.

Key practice areas:

• Corporate Law
• Commercial Law
• Shipping Finance
• Banking Law
• Tax Law

The New Buildings team is responsible for ensuring that all contractual obligations related to the construction and operation of each vessel are met efficiently and promptly.

The department is specifically tasked with shipbuilding contracts, the approval process for technical specifications and plans, following up with the site office supervision team at every stage of the construction process up to the delivery of the vessel, and ensuring that contracts and payments for the supervision team are properly managed. They also handle the registration of the vessel, the assignment of Classification/Flag/IMO numbers, the follow-up of maker’s benefits, and the handling of guarantee claims after the delivery of each vessel from the shipyard.

Our commercial department offers a comprehensive service to meet our clients’ demands for single-time or specific-period chartering. We aim to enhance their profits by ensuring the positioning of tonnage to exploit the opportunities of the emerging shipping market. At Navarone S.A., we provide the following commercial management services to a large number of premium third-party clients:

• Chartering, voyage estimation, post-fixture, and daily operation of the vessel, including performance monitoring
• Freight collection and calculation of freight, demurrage, and dispatch payments on behalf of owners – Bunkering arrangements/intakes
• Interaction with ship agents, port authorities, freight brokers, and charterers
• Appointment of ship agents and other partners, as well as the organization of ship services in ports
• Safe, economical, and efficient management of the vessel
• Arranging surveyors associated with the commercial operation of the vessel, providing voyage instructions, and weather routing
• Payroll and OPEX
• Monthly reporting to owners

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