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Corporate & Social Responsibility


Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our business and culture. Corporate responsibility is about conscience and care for our people, our community, and our planet. Corporate responsibility is also about ideology. A duty, which goes beyond expectations and regulations, which goes beyond the compulsory and the necessary. It refers to our business commitment to operate in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable manner that is transparent and of increasing value to our staff, clients, and the community.
Our reputation to date has been built on a strong foundation of honesty and transparency – in our day to day business affairs and when we must deal with incidents involving serious threats to people, property and the environment. We are committed to protecting our reputation and that of our partners in the years to come.
Navarone S.A. seeks to provide the highest standards of service to its customers and, to achieve this, the company fully recognizes the vital role our seafarers have. 
Navarone S.A. therefore, recognizes:
• The right to a safe and secure workplace that complies with safety standards.
• The right to fair terms of employment.
• The right to decent living and working conditions on board.
• The right to health protection.
• The continuous implementation, support, and improvement of all the above.
Navarone S.A. also confirms its commitment to ensure that: 
• A workplace free of discrimination of any kind is provided.
• Wage payments and allotments are paid in a timely fashion and measures
are in place to verify this.
• All seafarers receive wages to which they are contractually entitled.
• Every effort is made to relieve seafarers at the time stipulated in the contract
of employment and that measures are in place to achieve this.
• Recruiting offices provide a welcoming environment and courteous disposition
towards all seafarers.
• Shore based employees always treat all seafarers with respect and that respect is reciprocated to promote harmony on board.
• There is follow up of any complaint from seafarers alleging noncompliance with company’s commitments.
• There is commitment to improving seafarers lives at sea and ashore as an ongoing priority.
• Crew welfare.
Since the beginning of Navarone, the company has been active in Corporate Social Responsibility. Since day one, the company has been supporting people in need, environmental actions, health initiatives and contributions to projects on infrastructure.
Navarone S.A. is member of “Helmepa” and a loyal supporter of “Syn-enosis” (the Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company). Navarone has supported local community, schools and more. We have showed in practice our social consciousness by supporting various associations in different scope of actions. Such will include but not limited to:
1. Landscaping educational club of “Kaletzi”,
2. “Doctors Without Borders”,
3. “The Smile of the Child”, an association that defends children’s rights,
4. Syn-Enosis, Covid-19 Respirators.
Protection of the Seas
We are committed to the protection of the marine environment. Our policy is to have zero spills to sea. We promote our employees' participation to the establishment and continual improvement of environmentally sound practices.
The Management Representatives are responsible to ensure effectiveness and periodical review of this policy and:
• Assign responsibilities and authorities,
• Establish, adequately maintain, and implement an environmental management system onboard and ashore,
• Continuously satisfy and comply with the:
  • Statutory requirements.
  • International legislation.
  • Prevent environmental damage.
  • Waste management.
  • Use of reception facilities.
Regularly review and ensure compliance and effectiveness of our processes.
In the spirit of doing everything in our power to maintain sustainable operations at sea, always functioning with the outmost respect for sea life, Company adheres to internal environmental policies and efficiency targets, beyond the requirements of industry’s rules & regulations.
Navarone S.A. is also member of HELMEPA, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association; the pioneering voluntary commitment of Greek seafarers and ship owners to safeguard the seas from ship-generated pollution, undertaken in Piraeus, on June 4, 1982. Under the motto “To Save the Seas”, they have consistently supported their initiative to date.
We have made it our company’s mission to strive towards the achievement of maximum energy efficiency, both ashore and at sea. We set ambitious energy consumption targets of our own initiative, always aiming towards maximizing energy performance.
We recognize environmental management as an integral factor towards sustainable development. We develop, implement, and maintain processes & procedures aimed at maintaining clean seas, free from pollutants damaging to sea life. We constantly ensure that awareness is raised within our organization, encouraging respect for the environment, and promoting an attitude of responsibility towards environmental matters. We also promote environmental consciousness by raising awareness and encouraging our employees to contribute to a sustainable future by acquiring some everyday habits, such as recycling and minimizing waste.
At Head Office
The overall culture at the Head Office promotes the protection of the environment by adopting culture and mentality for paper, electricity, and water consumption reduction as well as recycling stations for batteries.
Water coolers and any kind of coffee maker machines have been installed to reduce the use of plastic bottles and plastic cups. - Bottom info - Home Section

Awarded Excellence


    All vessels participate on a daily basis to AMVER system and are all awarded.

  • DNV-GL
  • Loyd's
  • ISO_9001
  • ISO_14001