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NAVARONE was founded in 1971.

Initially the company was active in the field of chartering, acting as a broker. In 1973 interests related to the founders acquired their first two vessels and Navarone was assigned with their management.

The years between 1973 and 1990 were very active in terms of sale and purchase of vessels, while NAVARONE was focusing entirely on ship management.

1994, while the shipping market was undergoing drastical changes with operating costs of the vessels increasing dramatically and the newly introduced ISM code imposing new obligations to shipowners, Michael Ghiokas followed by his son Orestis entered into a strategic relationship with Canadian Forest Navigation, one of the leading cargo operators worldwide.

Since then, NAVARONE has been supervising the construction and has been operating a fleet of Bulk carriers of various sizes, enhancing its expertise with the particularly difficult trade of the Great Lakes. - Bottom info - Home Section

Awarded Excellence


    All vessels participate on a daily basis to AMVER system and are all awarded.

  • DNV-GL
  • Loyd's
  • ISO_9001
  • ISO_14001