Crew, Approach & Training Process

A World-Leading Shipping CompanyCrew, Approach & Training Process
Crew, Approach & Training Process

About our Crew - Onboard

NAVARONE S.A. fleet utterly commits to health, environmental and security standards while aiming to maintain a young yet adequately experienced workforce. Specifically, our team expanded further multi-nationally after the Philippine and Ethiopian crews’ substantial addition, as well as the internship offer to the Ethiopian crew. Therefore, we gradually enhance our fleet’s performance by providing skillful people with opportunities that reinforce the company’s value.
We are also proud of our exceptionally high retention rates across all crew rankings with an average of over 90% for the past years. Crew’s high retention rates and their in-depth familiarization with our operating procedures and business culture optimize fleet performance towards clients’ needs in specialized trade (Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, Baltic Sea, navigation in ice-covered areas, etc.).

What we Do

We continued our long-term exclusive cooperation with two manning agencies in Ukraine that provide our Company with crew management services and supply our vessels with highly experienced crew. The Seafarers undergo a series of recruitment, selection, training and development programs. We try to reemploy seafarers at sister ships to maximize their performance and minimize their familiarization period. Approximately 95% of our seafarers are recruited by our Ukraine agents, while the remaining 5% is sourced by our third-party agents.




Crew, Approach & Training Process
Crew, Approach & Training Process

What we Offer

We offer our Seafarers with a competitive remuneration scheme as well as excellent working and living conditions aboard. Internal promotion programs are in place and properly monitored by Crewing Dept.

Other benefits include, earlier execution of monthly allotments, increased CTM deliveries and timely replacement at the expiration or even earlier of the employment contract period. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have adopted a remote medical assistance consultation service that supports our seafarers in need of medical advice.



Crew, Approach & Training Process

Approach & Training Process

Training is extremely important to NAVARONE S.A., not only because we want to contribute to the evolution of our seagoing and shore personnel, but also because we focus on providing the optimum service to our clients on every spectrum of our marine activities.

The company specifically implements onboard, in-house, and external training (initial, on-the-job, and refresher) for the seafarers to ensure their awareness and conformity with SMS, international requirements, and standards. Furthermore, a Training Matrix has been established with the minimum training requirements per position for the onboard staff aiming to further grow and diversify our position in the global shipping market.

Crew, Approach & Training Process
The health and safety of our employees remain our top priority. Thanks to their loyalty, as well as their extensive expertise, we are able to seize new horizons to skyrocket an already successful track record.
Stefanos Fragkakis
Crew Manager, NAVARONE S.A.


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